“U Said” is the first single by an extraordinary artist, Jimmy Dennis, from Philadelphia. In 1991, when Jimmy was 21 years old, he was accused and convicted of a crime he did not commit. That’s when his life—and  dreams—were stolen away and he spent 25 years on death row. Before this nightmare began, he was a successful local performer, in talks with music companies for a recording contract. Jimmy was freed in 2017 when his innocence was finally recognized and he is happy to be home at last! Jimmy’s passion for music never left him, and in 2018 he began working in the studio and recorded his first single, “U Said”.

“I hope you’ll listen to and purchase the song (“U Said”) and help me take the first step in reclaiming my dreams.” —Jimmy

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Jimmy’s Early Musical Days

Jimmy as a child
Late 80s & early 90s